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Over 40 years of experience looking out for your best interest



We Keep You Safe and Sound

Discover all the ways Vanderzee Financial Advisors & Insurance Agency can keep you, your family and your business safe. You can rely on Vanderzee Financial Advisors & Insurance Agency for your Life Insurance needs and special requirements. Whatever you need advice about, our team expert consultants are here for you. Schedule a meeting today to learn what we can do for you.


An important element in any financial plan is tax planning with the ultimate goal of minimizing your tax liability.  This may involve reviewing your past tax returns, working jointly with other tax or financial professionals and/or preparing your future tax returns.


Business owners have special needs. I can help you anticipate those needs - whether they are executive bonus plans to attract and retain key executives, or insurance plans to protect you and your partners in the event of death or disability.


You work your whole life to build your estate; you should have control over what happens to it upon your death. I can help you implement a plan that protects your assets from the consequences of state taxes and ensures that your estate is settled on your terms, not someone else's.


Because planning your financial future can be complicated and your set of circumstances unique, it's important that you have help of a trained and experienced professional. I will work with you to help you plan for a future in which your goals are achieved and your dreams become reality.


Life insurance policies are designed with different needs in mind. Whether you are looking for temporary protection, lifelong protection, an estate planning strategy, or cash value accumulation, my expertise in personal life insurance can help you protect what's important to you, secure your future, and improve your life.


My job is to make sure you are financially prepared to enter your retirement years. With the variety of different alternatives available, I am ready to work with you to build a secure financial future for you.


Here to Protect You

I became a financial advisor because I wanted to help people like you - to have a positive impact on their lives. My goal is to help you build your plan on a strong and secure financial foundation.

The best way to achieve your financial goals is to have a plan - one that will help you meet your needs today, but flexible enough to grow and change tomorrow.  There is no simple blueprint that works for everyone.  Your plan must be tailored just for you if it's going to feel right and help achieve your goals. The process begins with understanding what is most important to you.  I then develop a clear long term plan that considers those needs, your goals and your priorities.

My clients rely on me to help them formulate such plans and put them in motion. Together we monitor their progress to make sure they stay on track.

Dave Vanderzee


Registered Tax Return Preparer,

Awards, Memberships and Community Service

Million Dollar Roundtable (MDRT) 1981 - Current

MDRT Top of the Table 2004 - Current

NQA  (National Quality Award) 1985-1989, 1991 - Current

NSAA (National Sales Achievement Award) 1984-1994, 1996 - Current

Society of Financial Service Professionals 30 Year Member

March of Dimes Treasurer, Current Board of Directors 2013 Distinguished Volunteer Award

MDRT Foundation  Gold Knight

New York Deer and Elk Farmers Association (NYDEFA) President

North American Deer and Elk Farmers Association (NADEFA) Board of Directors

Boy Scouts of America (Twin Rivers Council)  Board of Directors

Rotary Past President and Paul Harris Award Recipient


Advisor Today September 2006

Round The Table September/October 2008

Advisor Today March/April 2011


Whether you need insurance for your business or personal life and assets, we have the experience to help you find the policy that’s right for you. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of protection at affordable prices. Check out our range of insurance packages from a long list of trusted Insurance providers. 

  • The United States Life Insurance Company (AIG)

  • American National

  • Bankers Life Ins Co featured-insurers

  • Brighthouse Financial

  • Cavalier Associates

  • Companion Life of NY

  • Coventry First,LLC

  • Crump Life Insurance

  • Fidelity&Guaranty Life Ins Co

  • Berkshire Life Insurance Co / Guardian Life Ins Co

  • John Hancock Life Ins Co

  • Legal & General as Banner Life Insurance or William Penn Life Insurance

  • LIFE Brokerage LLC

  • Lincoln Benefit Life Co/Allstate Life of NY

  • Mass Mutual / Charter Oak Financial

  • Med America

  • Mutual of Omaha

  • National Integrity Co

  • National Life

  • PennMutual

  • Principal Life Insurance Co

  • Prudential Life Ins Co

  • Security Mutual

  • Transamerica Life Insurance Co

  • UNUM Provident

  • US Life Ins Co NY   

  • Western National

  • William Penn Association

  • Wilton Re (Allstate Life)

                                  Over 30 years of experience looking out for your best interest


Individual - Farm - Small Business

Tax laws are complicated and always changing. At Vanderzee Financial, our team focuses on implementing strategies to minimize the impact of taxes on our clients.

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  • Make sure you have ALL your documents before forwarding to us.  Tax returns are prepared based on the accuracy and completeness of the information that you provide to us.

  • Documents should be in summary format with totals for each category. (Receipts are used for audits only).

  • Use the Income Tax Organizer as a guide in gathering your tax information and note any changes.

  • We need a copy of your driver’s license (front and back), and a copy of your bank check (for direct deposit).

  • We do not accept credit cards.


The Protection You Need

  • Half of the Child Tax Credit (CTC) is being paid in advance, so you will see a decrease in CTC which will result in a lower refund/ increase in tax liability since you are receiving half of the credit in advance as opposed to receiving the lump sum on your tax return.

  • If you are 72 before the end of 2022 you are required to take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from your retirement plan.  RMD will increase to 73 in 2023.

  • There is no waiver on the 10% penalty for early withdrawal on retirement

Contract Review
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Ready for Anything

With established relationships with numerous carriers, we can put together a reliable Family Insurance policy that offers the highest level of protection for you. Click to book a free estimate from one of our experienced consultants.

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Estimated - based on complexity/organization

Federal Form 1040                              $200

  • Schedule A                           $75

  • Schedule B                           $50

  • Schedule C                          $150

  • Schedule E                          $150

  • Schedule F                          $150

Each State Return                              $100


Extensions                                            $50

Audit or IRS/state notice                $150/hr

Amended returns                              $300

Consultation fees**                          $50 - $150/hr

Disorganized/incomplete docs       $100


         ** Initial Consultation is free 

       1/2 hr annual appt. included w/price of return

Financial Planning/Consultation        $150/hr

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Vanderzee Financial Advisor & Insurance


Contact Vanderzee Financial Advisors & Insurance Agency today! We want to take care of you and have the expertise to do so. Let us know what your specific needs are and we’ll compile the best insurance package suited to you.   518-383-2200

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